Negroni Cocktail Pack

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Three Aussie spirits. Makes 16 Negronis. One handy pack.

In collaboration with Autonomy Distillers, we've designed a bottle pack for fans of a sophisticated bittersweet cocktail - The Negroni. Of course, we had to give it an Australian twist, so we've selected three rather unique Aussie spirits that come together in botanical harmony.

Expect a much deeper range of flavours than your run-of-the-mill Negroni. That's thanks to the influence of the all-native herbs infused within the 'Native Australian Amaro' and the 25 botanicals that make up the 'SKEW Vermouth'. Think bushtucker, citronella and wild desert flowers... a real treat awaits.

What's included?

  • 'Copperwave Gin' by Hunter Distillery (40%, 500ml)
  • 'Native Australian Amaro' by Autonomy Distillers (30%, 500ml)
  • 'SKEW Vermouth' by Skew Wine Co (16%, 500ml) *
  • Classic Negroni recipe

* We'll either send you the 'Classic' or 'Banksia Blend' vermouth by SKEW. Both make equally delicious Negronis!

Makes just over 16 Negronis, if you use the classic Negroni recipe (see below). The best part? All the bottles are 500ml, so once you're done you won't end up with any half-full bottles collecting dust on the shelf. The OCD within us just jumped for joy a little there.

Total RRP of included bottles: $152 (excluding shipping).

Classic Negroni recipe
  1. Fill a mixing glass with plenty of ice
  2. Add 30ml gin, 30ml amaro and 30ml vermouth
  3. Stir continuously until mixing glass is very cold
  4. Strain into a serving glass of your choice
  5. Add one large block of ice
  6. Garnish with an orange slice

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Steven H.
Bloody fantastic

Delicious combo. Great service. Fast delivery. Thanks !

Sarah R.
Tasty and easy

It was exciting to receive the pack of 3 different Australian products, and have the guess work taken out of making an Aussie Negroni!

A. G.
Great Set

This was the second time I purchased this pack (and this time I bought two!). Delicious and good value for money. Would buy again.