Naked Maraschino


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31% ABV / 500mL

Naked Maraschino is an intense cherry liqueur that fuses traditional Italian Maraschino flavours with a smattering of Australian desert peaches.

This luxurious liqueur is the result of over two years of experiments and trials. Many cherries were harmed in the process and we make no apologies for our actions.

Our final recipe goes something like this. First, we crush a ridiculous number of sour cherries into a paste, then slowly ferment the mixture over many weeks to extract those deep funky cherry flavours. This 'cherry wine' is then distilled in a pot still where we remove the sharp 'heads' and the lousy 'tails' of the distillate. From there, we let it rest and age in a small vat until the flavour mellows a little. Then we add a rich infusion of quandongs, a semi-sweet indigenous ‘peach’ that contributes a distinctly fruity aroma, and a couple of other herbs and roots before letting all the flavours rest further and marry together in harmony.

We use real ingredients throughout and deliberately avoid filtering the liqueur to ensure no flavour is filtered out, so you may notice some sediment and oils that may drift out of the liqueur over time. Simply give your bottle a quick shake and all will be normal again!

Contains precisely 0.0% artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Vegan friendly (we don't use any animal products nor processes throughout).

Limited Stock

Due to the long-winded nature of the production process, we have extremely limited stock available at the moment but there will be another batch ready in Feb 2022!

Tasting notes

On the nose there's a cherry party on steroids happening. Delightful cherry funk with a little marzipan around the edges. Fruity notes in the background are thanks in part to the quandongs.

On the palate you'll be greeted with some initial sweetness followed by an explosion of cherry and stone fruit flavour. It's thick, decadent and syrup-like, and the relatively high ABV acts as a further flavour turbo charger.

On the finish, all the volatiles from the flavour explosion hang around for quite a long time while a medium sweetness carries on the tongue. We sense faint whiffs of apricots and raspberries as the action fades away.

Serving suggestions

Check out our Cocktail Recipes page for some delicious ideas on how to use Naked Amaretto in your mixology.

Recycled bottles

All of our liqueurs, including Naked Maraschino, are bottled in recycled glass spirit bottles where possible. Between our lovely network of bars who help collect empty spirit bottles for us and the empty bottles that get spat out of our own tasting flight production line, we've managed to build up a locally sustainable supply of bottles. These bottles are given a "rough massage" to strip the labels off, then a hardcore hot rinse and a final polish up before being revived with a new liqueur filled life.

Wholesale & trade enquiries

If you're interested in wholesale pricing for on-premise and off-premise, please contact Mind Spirits & Co. For partnership and export enquiries, please contact us directly.

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Ann U.
Lovely flavour.

The delivery was fast and great communication