Forager 1

    'A peculiarly earthy aperitif'


    Part of a series of liqueurs handmade by White Possum.

    Distilled, infused and bottled in Melbourne.

  • Forager 1: 'A peculiarly earthy aperitif'

    $49 / 24% ABV / 700mL

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    Forager 1 is our debut in-house spirit creation. Distilled and bottled in Melbourne, It's a bittersweet liqueur made with a blend of dried oranges, roasted Wattleseed and earthy roots. These native and exotic botanicals are infused in spirit distilled from Australian sugar cane and blended with a spot of earthy red wine.

    A bittersweet aperitif

    Forager 1 began it's life as a handful of orange peels infused in cane spirit. Throughout our experiments, we gradually added one botanical at a time, testing everything we could find, including our neighbour's curry tree, wild dandelions and our very own backyard grown Lemon Myrtle and Lilly Pilly. After countless drowsy tasting nights and plenty of failed experiments, we settled on experiment number "E1v2+S1:1", later renamed Forager 1.

    Recycling one empty bottle at a time

    Creating our own spirit also helped solve one of our pet hates - waste! When we make our tasting flights, we generate a lot of empty glass bottles. Although these get responsibly recycled, we knew there had to be a better use for them.


    So instead of buying new bottles for Forager 1, we've also foraged the damn bottles themselves from our very own tasting set production line. We strip the labels off (sometimes easier said than done) and give them a hardcore hot rinse before a quick polish to rejuvenate them back to life.


    This means your bottle of Forager 1 might look different to another. Yep, this is what they say to avoid in 'Marketing 101', but for us sustainability wins and we hope you'll enjoy the peculiarities of your own bottle!

    Forager in a cocktail

    Here are some of our favourite cocktail recipes stolen from cocktail bars around Australia.

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    Bars and bottle-shops serving it up:

    St LuJa Cocktail Bar (St Kilda, VIC)

    White Oaks Saloon and Dining (Prahran, VIC)

    Bad Frankie (Fitzroy, VIC)

    Craft Wine Store (Coorparoo, QLD)

    Malt Traders (Southbank, QLD)

    Sneaky Baron (Maroochydore, QLD)

    TSO Lounge & Dining (Fortitude Valley, QLD)

    Leonards House of Love (South Yarra, VIC)

    Stoke House (St Kilda, VIC)

    Otter's Promise (Armadale, VIC)

    Bar Ampere (Melbourne, VIC)

    Craft Wine Store (Red Hill, QLD)

    Mongrel (Milton, QLD)

    Spiros (Paddington, QLD)

    Wandering Cooks (South Brisbane, QLD)

    Neptune Food and Wine (Prahran, VIC)

    Toorak Cellars (Armadale, VIC)

    Blackhearts and Sparrows (VIC)

    Bloodhound Bar (Fortitude Valley, QLD)

    Fitz + Potts (Nundah, QLD)

    Shucks Bar (Manly, QLD)

    Suburban Social (Chapel Hill, QLD)