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Australian Gin Advent Calendar (2019 edition)


29-58% ABV / 25x30mL
$40 OFF: Early Bird Special Available (see details below)

Our third annual Australian Gin Advent Calendar takes you on a brand new adventure through the local gin scene. With over two dozen gins simmering in its belly, it's sure to make this December one to remember!

Whack open a new slot every day to reveal a total of 25 Australian gins, produced by distilleries in every state of Australia (oh, and the ACT). For those who had the 2017 and/or the 2018 editions, you'll be glad to know there are precisely zero repeats in this year's calendar.

What's Inside?

Each slot contains a bottle of premium Australian gin. There's a range of styles including classic London Dry, sloe, modern botanical and navy strength gins. Some of them have won major awards and some others are so obscure they have hardly seen the light of day. Each gin is presented in one of our signature 30ml matte-black glass bottles.

The calendar also comes with our trademark tasting booklet with 25 'scratchie' slots. Find the slot for that day and scratch to reveal interesting facts about the featured distillery and gin you're about to taste.

The entire calendar weighs over 3kg, so we recommend placing it on a secure flat surface, out of reach of those under the influence of its contents, at least until the next day.

A Teaser

For a teaser of the gins inside, flip through the photos to find the one with the logos of the distilleries that got involved.

Early Bird Special

Admittedly, there's still quite a while until Christmas. But since you're here, you must be meticulously organised. We think preparedness deserves rewarding.

Use the coupon code 'CHIRPCHIRP' to take $40 off each calendar when pre-ordered by 15 October.


If you'd rather pick up a Gin Advent Calendar from one of our retailers, here are a few that may have stock from mid-October onwards (best to ring beforehand):

  • Kent Street Cellars (Sydney)
  • Lorn Bottle Shop (Newcastle)
  • Boatshed Market (Perth)

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