Margarita Cocktail Pack

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Two Aussie spirits. Makes 11 Margaritas. One handy pack.

In collaboration with Autonomy Distillers, here's a bottle pack we designed for Margarita lovers. 

For a long time, there weren't any Australian made tequilas (or agave spirits, as they're known outside of Mexico). But the drought has now been broken, with the launch of Black Snake Distillery's 'ASp Joven' agave spirit. Now this is exciting for many reasons, but not least because it's actually made the hard way - wild agave plants growing on the distillery's land are harvested, chopped up, fermented, distilled and bottled on-site. It's sweaty, dirty, back-breaking work, but the results are worth it.

We've paired up this agave spirit with a new release from Autonomy Distillers - their 'Orange Liqueur', made by distilling left-over citrus peels from a local fruit juicer. This is also a labour intensive spirit to make, with a lot of patience required to slice off thin rind from many kilos of crushed (i.e. floppy) orange halves.

Now, to make this Aussie Margarita you'll also need to bring your own limes to the table. We're not going to put fresh limes in the post!

Makes a slightly smoky, full bodied Margarita with a tremendous amount of flavour.

What's included?

  • 'ASp Joven Agave Spirit' by Black Snake Distillery (40%, 500ml)
  • 'Orange Liqueur' by Autonomy Distillers (38%, 500ml)
  • Margarita recipe

Makes just over 11 Margaritas, if you use our recipe (see below). After that, you'll have some Orange Liqueur left over for other mixology projects. Or, just sip it neat...

Total RRP of included bottles: $134 (excluding shipping).

Margarita recipe
  1. Peel off a strip of lime rind and squeeze the oils onto the rim of a tumbler
  2. Wipe the oils around the rim and dip the tumbler in a shallow bed of salt to create a salt coated rim
  3. Fill a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice
  4. Add 45ml ASp Joven, 30ml Orange Liqueur and 20ml fresh lime juice
  5. Shake for half a minute or until very cold to the touch
  6. Strain into the tumbler and fill with ice
  7. Garnish with a lemon (or lime) wedge

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jodie M.
omg - Oh Margarita Good!

what can I say? perfect for a summer's eve... or any other time... packs a delicious wallop!

Brett D.

Thankyou your products from little australian distillery are amazing. Really hand crafted xo