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    Here you'll find oak barrels, whisky candles, premium

    glassware and other things we consider rather interesting.

  • Possum T-Shirt by White Possum

    $35 / Available in sizes S, M, L

    In-stock and available now!

    Unleash your inner possum with one of these newly minted unisex tees. Screen-printed on 100% cotton AS Colour T-shirts. Prance around like a fellow possum, share a selfie on Instagram and we might even send you a little gift.

    Hidden Cocktail 'Book' by Cocktail Archive Co

    $27 / 90mL Negroni, Old Fashioned or Espresso Martini

    In-stock and available now!

    This is one for those rainy days where you need a convincing place to hide a pre-batched cocktail or two. Supplied as a thick 'book', opening the cover reveals a bottled cocktail resting amongst some rather interesting text about the history of cocktails. But you didn't really open the book to read did you? Choose between a Negroni or Old Fashioned prior to clicking the buy button!

    Shrub Tasting Set by Pyewacket's Traditional Shrubs

    $49 / 3 x 200mL shrubs (no alcohol content)

    In-stock and available now!

    Cocktail enthusiasts will be familiar with shrubs, a sweetened vinegar-based fruit preserve that adds a big punch of flavour where you need it. We teamed up with Pyewacket's Traditional Shrubs from NSW to create a handy shrub kit with three bold and exciting flavours - Pineapple Mint Julep (add to your next mojito), Apple Pye (mix with blended whisky) and Blood Orange & Tumeric (add to a fruit punch). A fantastic non-alcoholic spritz can also be made by simply adding a few splashes of soda water over a shot of shrub.

    Peated Whisky Candle by White Possum x Thornbury Candle Co

    $24 / Made from 100% Australian soy wax

    In-stock and available now!

    With the aroma of a very heavily peated whisky, this candle will remind you of campfire smoke for days on end. Designed in conjunction with Thornbury Candle Co, we wanted to inject the aroma of a big smoky whisky into candle form to be enjoyed alongside a dram or two. Handmade and handpoured in Melbourne using 100% Australian soy wax. Approx burn time 20 hours.

    American Oak Cask by White Possum

    $99 / 1L American Oak cask

    In-stock and available now!

    Carefully handmade from American Oak and charred to perfection, this brand new little oak cask is perfectly suited for ageing or storing liquids. Stainless steel barrel hoops ensure a tight fit and minimal leakage. Product of the USA.


    Every cask also comes with:

    • Oak spigot (tap) and bung
    • Display stand
    • Comprehensive instructions on how to prepare the cask for its first use.

    New-Make Spirit by White Possum

    $99 / 700mL Single Malt Cask Strength (63% ABV)

    $75 / 700mL Corn Spirit (43% ABV)

    In-stock and available now!

    We teamed up with two Australian distilleries to distill a couple of new-make spirits (un-aged whiskies). Both spirits form great starting blocks for developing into fine whiskies, and are great to drink neat or in a cocktail.


    Our Single Malt Cask Strength at 63% ABV is made by Belgrove Distillery in Tasmania. To make it, malted barley wash is placed in a direct fire still and double distilled.


    Our Corn Spirit is made by Whipper Snapper Distillery in Western Australia. It comprises locally grown corn, malted barley and wheat from the WA wheat belt.

    Whisky Glass by Denver & Liely

    $50 / Hand-blown glass

    In-stock and available now!

    A popular add-on item to our 'Flight of the Possum' whisky tasting set, the Denver & Liely whisky glass has been designed by a duo of industrial designers based in Melbourne. This striking glass is hand-blown with intimate attention to detail and presented in a well thought-out packing tube.

    Gin Glass by Denver & Liely

    $50 / Hand-blown glass

    In-stock and available now!

    The second in the Denver & Liely glassware series, their Gin Glass features a gently tapered profile to provide plenty of room for your actual drink whilst providing a funnel to concentrate the aroma. Like the whisky glass, this glass is hand-blown and presented in a compact protective tube.

    Dark Coffee Liqueur by White Possum x Dobson's Distillery

    $52 / 32% ABV / 375mL

    In-stock and available now!

    With our heart and home in Melbourne, it was only a matter of time before we figured a way to bring a love of coffee and spirits in sync. Our Dark Coffee Liqueur is designed to satisfy a coffee craving and deliver a warming punch to keep things interesting. It’s made by generously applying freshly roasted coffee beans on a smooth grain based vodka then carefully blended with a touch of thick maple syrup to round-out the bitterness. Made with 100% Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.