White Possum

    Spirits Paraphernalia


    Oak barrels, un-aged whiskies and 'educational' spirit maps,

    We also have a small range of premium glassware.

    Support Australian-made and enjoy a tipple.

  • American Oak Cask by White Possum

    $99 / 1L American Oak cask

    In-stock and available now!

    Carefully handmade from American Oak and charred to perfection, this brand new little oak cask is perfectly suited for ageing or storing liquids. Stainless steel barrel hoops ensure a tight fit and minimal leakage. Product of the USA.


    Every cask also comes with:

    • Oak spigot (tap) and bung
    • Display stand
    • Comprehensive instructions on how to prepare the cask for its first use.

    New-Make Spirit by White Possum

    $99 / Cask Strength Single Malt (63% ABV) / 700mL

    $75 / Corn Spirit (43% ABV) / 700mL

    In-stock and available now!

    We teamed up with two Australian distilleries to distill a couple of new-make spirits (un-aged whiskies). Both spirits form great starting blocks for developing into fine whiskies, and are great to drink neat or in a cocktail.


    Our single malt new-make is cask strength at 63% ABV, made by Belgrove Distillery in TAS. To make it, malted barley wash is placed in a direct fire still and double distilled.


    Our corn new-make is made by Whipper Snapper Distillery in WA. It comprises locally grown corn, malted barley and wheat from the WA wheat belt.

    Denver & Liely - Whisky Glass

    $50 / Hand-blown glass

    In-stock and available now!

    Long a popular 'add-on' item to our 'Flight of the Possum' whisky tasting set, we've decided to launch the Denver & Liely whisky glass as a product in its own right. Designed by a duo of industrial designers based in Melbourne, this striking glass is hand-blown and presented in a well thought-out packing tube.

    Denver & Liely - Gin Glass

    $50 / Hand-blown glass

    In-stock and available now!

    After popular demand, we're proud to present the latest piece of premium glassware by Denver & Liely - the gin glass. The gently tapered profile of the glass provides plenty of room for your actual drink and provides a funnel to concentrate the aroma. Like the whisky glass, this glass is hand-blown and presented in a compact protective tube.

    Gin & Botanicals Map of Australia & New Zealand

    $16 / A3 Poster

    In-stock and available now!

    Fresh off the press, this gin-inspired map has been drawn by a professional cartographer and highlights the location of more than 100 Aussie and NZ distilleries, as well as some of the most popular indigenous botanicals used. The map itself is printed on 150gsm, 100% recycled paper and is A3 size.


    Supplied folded in an envelope ($16) or rolled in a tube (out of stock).