American Oak Cask


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1L American Oak Cask

Each of these small casks are carefully handcrafted from American Oak timber and are perfectly suited for ageing or storing liquids. The oak staves (strips) are cut and assembled without the use of any glue. Stainless steel barrel hoops help compress the barrel and ensure a tight fit between the staves. The cask is lightly toasted on the inside to maximise the flavour imparted by the oak.

Made in the USA.

What's Included?

Every cask comes with these essential items:

  • 1L oak cask
  • Spigot (tap) and bung (stopper)
  • Display stand
  • Comprehensive instructions on how to prepare the cask for its first use and some ideas on ageing various spirits (written by yours truly)

Please note the instructions are also available in digital format via the following links:  

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Andrew K.
I'm obsessed with barrel aging now

These are really well made barrels, exactly what I was after. I'm now deep into experiments, barrel aging cocktails and spirits. I'm so obsessed with the process now I had to get a second barrel so I could do mor experiments.

Michelle G.
So good we bought two more

The product is high quality and we are excited to get started

Thomas L.
Great gift for Father's Day

This oak cask and pre-made unaged spirit were a present for Dad and he is so excited to get his peated whiskey aging.