Tasting Flights

Our range of tasting flights are designed to help you explore the wide ranging flavour profiles of Australian made whisky, gin, rum, liqueurs, cocktails and non-alcoholic mixers.

If you enjoy exploring new flavours and comparing drinks side-by-side, you've found your new spiritual home.

Our flagship White Possum series contain up to 12 spirits each and are available for whisky, gin, rum and liqueur. Each tasting flight is paired with tasting notes that shed more light on the distilleries and how each spirit is made.

We also stock a range of pre-made sets from single distilleries. These are a great way to sample their range and pick a favourite.

... and many more.

Our bottling facility is located in the sleepy neighbourhood of Altona North, a stone's throw away from the bustling heart of Melbourne.

At the heart of our facility is a fully automatic Italian-made bottling line that rinses, fills, caps and labels our mini bottles. Our in-house engineer is continuously modifying and adding custom-made elements to it, so now it's a Frankenstein-like piece of kit that the original technicians would barely comprehend.

Once each spirit is bottled, we handpack them in custom-made packaging that we design to be beautiful, functional and eco-friendly.

Seasonal releases such as our advent calendars will frequently feature artwork by various local artists. We're also lucky enough to have some in-house artistic talent for box and label design.

Many of our tasting flights are made in small batches. Naturally this means the longer you spend reading this, the more likely they are to be out of stock by the time you hit the button below.