Liquor Scented Candles

Candles have always been a passion of ours. The art of capturing an aroma in wax form then releasing it at the right time is just such a romantic concept. Our liquor scented candle collection is designed to showcase some of the most alluring spirit aromas, from heavily peated whisky through to sweet floral cocktails.

These candles are made by pouring into old Aussie spirit bottles (the ones that are too big to re-use for our liqueurs). These bottles are ones we've collected over the years which aren't suitable for re-using for our liqueurs. To cut them, we use a heat stress method in combination with a lapidary diamond saw. The sharp end is then rather laboriously sanded back using a bench wet sander and portable detail sander. It's all quite different from what we usually do!

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Peated Whisky Candle

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Coffee Liqueur Candle

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