Our Liqueurs & Spirits

We're not just a retailer of spirits. We make them too. At our distillery in Melbourne, we're constantly experimenting with big bold flavours to challenge the status quo.

We take fruits, nuts and spices then turn them into flavour packed liqueurs and spirits.

Many of our liqueurs are made with byproducts from other industries because we're nuts about reducing waste.

... and more.

Our distillery and packing space is located in the sleepy neighbourhood of Altona North, a stone's throw away from the bustling heart of Melbourne.

On any given day, there'll be barrels and vats being wheeled around, fermenters bubbling away, a bottling line cranking out some juice and a couple of small stills dripping the good stuff out of their spouts.

A small 120L copper still, half a dozen fermentation and settling vats do most of the hard work. A custom built bottle rinser along with a ton of elbow grease helps us prepare old glass bottles to be refilled.

We don't add any artificial flavouring to our liqueurs and spirits. In fact, they're all vegan friendly and made without any animal products or processes.

Whenever possible, our liqueurs are bottled in recycled spirit bottles which we de-label, wash and polish to give them a new lease on life.

You'll find our liqueurs and spirits in a handful of independent liquor stores, as well as several hundred restaurants and bars.

All of our products are made in small batches. Some of them, such as the Maraschino, are made in batch sizes of only a few dozen. Naturally this means the longer you spend reading this, the more likely they are to be out of stock by the time you hit the button below.