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Our range of tasting flights are designed to help you explore the wide ranging flavour profiles of Australian-made spirits, cocktails and non-alcoholic mixers.

Our flagship White Possum series feature up to 12 spirits each and are available for whisky, gin and rum. Each tasting flight is paired with tasting notes that shed more light on the distilleries and how each spirit is made.

We also support select distilleries in promoting their own tasting sets. They're a great way to sample their range and pick a favourite.

Then there are our pre-made cocktail flights. Comprising up to half a dozen cocktails pre-bottled by Australian distilleries and bartenders, these flights make for an entertaining night-in or party addition.

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White Possum - Whisky Tasting Flight 12pc

70 reviews
White Possum - Gin Tasting Flight 12pc

49 reviews
$115.00 $129.00
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Animus Distillery - Gin Tasting Set

3 reviews
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White Possum - Random Whisky Set 4pc

4 reviews
$29.00 $39.00
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White Possum - Random Gin Set 4pc

10 reviews
$25.00 $35.00
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Espresso Martini Tasting Flight

7 reviews
Negroni Tasting Flight

6 reviews
2x Random Spirit Samples

2 reviews
$10.00 $24.00
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