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Tasting Flights

Our range of spirit and cocktail tasting flights are designed to help you explore the wide-ranging flavour profiles of Australian-made spirits. Our flagship 'Flight of the Possum' series features six or twelve spirits (now available for whisky, gin or rum), each paired with information on the distillery and how the spirit is made. We also support select distilleries in promoting their own tasting sets, which is a great way to sample their range prior to purchasing whole bottles.
Tasting Flights
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Flight of the Possum - Australian Whisky Tasting Set
Flight of the Juniper Possum - Australian Gin Tasting Set
Flight of the Pygmy Possum - Australian Rum Tasting Set
Negroni Tasting Flight
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Espresso Martini Tasting Flight
Bass & Flinders Distillery - Gin Tasting Set
Animus Distillery - Gin Tasting Set
Original Spirit Co - Gin Tasting Set
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Pyewacket's - Shrub Tasting Set
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