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Other Goodies

The things you'll find here are quirky and interesting, but by no means unloved. They're called 'Other Goodies' simply because they didn't fall under one of the other categories. Here you'll find one of our most popular combo gifts for whisky lovers who love a bit of DIY: oak barrels and new-make spirit. We've also worked with a local candle maker to make a peated whisky scented candle... not for the faint hearted!
Other Goodies
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American Oak Cask
New-Make Spirit
New-Make Spirit
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Peated Whisky Candle
Cocktail Archive - Hidden Cocktail Book
Pyewacket's - Shrub Tasting Set
Possum T-Shirt
Denver & Liely - Whisky Glass
Denver & Liely - Gin Glass
Whipper Snapper Distillery - Quinoa Whisky
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