Illegal Tender Rum Co - Rum Tasting Set 3pc


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A triple pack tasting set featuring the three core rums made by a multi award winning distillery in rural WA.

- 3 x 200ml bottles of rum
- Taste the whole gamut of white, spiced and aged rum
- Made in Western Australia


35-45% ABV / 3x200mL

Located four hours north of Perth, Illegal Tender Rum Company operates in the small town of Dongara, WA. The distillery was founded in 2015 by qualified electrician Codie Palmer who decided to cut short his career in mining and use his skills towards a life-long passion for distilling instead.

All the rums at Illegal Tender are made from scratch. Dark brown cane sugar is fermented in three large vats before being distilled twice in a 1200 litre column still. The second distillation is run over the course of five days! We'd never heard of such a slow distillation before, but the team assure us that this patient process yields the most flavourful spirit.

We're big fans of Illegal Tender rum, so we're positively stoked to be stocking this tasting set. Each set contains a (fairly hefty) 200ml bottle of each of their core range:

Spiced Rum
Built from a base of dark brown cane sugar spirit. This spirit is then barrel aged in an ex Shiraz, French Oak cask for a month and spiced with a suite of indigenous botanicals such as Kakadu plum, lemon myrtle, quandong, wild rosella and wattleseed, along with 15 other spices. 

1808 Barely Legal
This is an un-aged cane spirit that showcases the flavour profile of the distillery's slow and meticulous production style. Recipient of an array of international spirit awards.

Distiller's Cut
The crown jewel in the series, the Distiller's Cut is an aged rum which has spent years in a carefully managed barrel system. The hot climate in this remote WA location means barrels need to be kept away from the scorching sun during summer, but some exposure to the elements during other seasons adds maturity and complexity to the ageing rum.

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Martina G.
Amazing! Perfect present

We bought this as a present for a friend! It not only arrived super fast, my friend loved it and recommends it !!!