Mister Bitters - Bitters Sample Pack 5pc


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Quintessential collection of locally made bitters to complement a wide range of cocktail flavour profiles.

- 5 x 30ml bottles of bitters
- Wide range of flavours to level up your favourite cocktails
- Made in Melbourne


30-45% ABV | 5x30mL

One of the only dedicated producers of bitters in Australia, Mister Bitters pays homage to the wide gamut of flavours available in the natural world. Founded by two bartenders, their products are designed to take your mixology to the next level.

We're incredibly chuffed to be one of very few stockists of this bitters sample pack. It contains samples of their entire range. Inside, you'll find a 30ml mini bottle of the following five bitters:

Designed as a versatile orange bitters to replace the dusty bottle of Angostura in the corner, the Negroni Bitters is also a perfect addition to... the Negroni! Made from a blend of Australian oranges and lemons, chamomile and star anise.

Cacao & Macadamia
A dash of this rich chocolate tincture gives many cocktails a luxurious boost. Made from cacao nibs, macadamia nuts and a spice blend including coffee, sultanas and allspice.

Fig & Cinnamon
The perfect accompaniment to a whisky or dark rum based cocktail. This is a bittersweet creation made from  dried figs, cinnamon, cloves and a bitter root known as gentian.

Honeyed Apricot & Smoked Hickory
When you need a touch of added depth, a gentle waft of smoke and a touch of class, there's this particular bitters. Made from a blend of leatherwood honey, apricot and smoked hickory. Add to lighter spirits such as gin and white rum for maximum effect.

Pink Grapefruit & Agave
Developed especially to pair with Aussie tequila brand, Tromba Tequila, this bitters is made from fresh grapefruit peel and agave nectar from Tromba themselves. Adds a beautiful hint of citrus and ideal for splashing over summery spritzes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael W.
Quick deliver and happy with purchase 😀

Great service, fast delivery for birthday gift, will recommend and use again

Lily R.M.
Eclectic Mix of Flavours!

I was extremely happy with this pack of 5 bitters. The flavours are unique and interesting. I am personally a big fan of Cacao & Macadamia added to an Espresso Martini. Fig & Cinnamon is a close second and has made a great addition to my summer cocktail ritual! The bitters are potent, delicious and extremely fun to use. If you want to get creative with your beverages, look no further! This pack is for you! I would highly recommend this product. The product arrived on time and was packaged beautifully.