American Oak Cask

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Handmade oak cask suitable for ageing your own spirits or cocktails at home. Fitted with a tap and stand for convenience.


- Explore the magic of spirit maturation
- 1L capacity for home use or small scale experimentation
- Hand-cut from sustainably harvested oak


1L American Oak Cask

Each of these small casks are carefully handcrafted from American Oak timber and are perfectly suited for ageing or storing liquids. The oak staves (strips) are cut and assembled without the use of any glue. Stainless steel barrel hoops help compress the barrel and ensure a tight fit between the staves. The cask is lightly toasted on the inside to maximise the flavour imparted by the oak.

Made in the USA.

What's Included?

Every cask comes with these essential items:

  • 1L oak cask
  • Spigot (tap) and bung (stopper)
  • Display stand
  • Comprehensive instructions on how to prepare the cask for its first use and some ideas on ageing various spirits (written by yours truly)

Please note the instructions are also available in digital format via the following links:  

Note: Storing spirits in casks is considered to be excise manufacture and an excise manufacturer licence is required from the ATO.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Gerry M.

Just as described and the quality is pretty good as well as the phamplet describing the process.

Love my barrel :)

So far so good. The capacity of the nominal 1 litre barrel is actually 1.3 litres. Perfect for aging 2 bottles with a little left as a reference sample. Water came out after 1 week with good colour, strong tannin, subtle oak, and a hint of charcoal. The first batch of negroni is still aging after 4 days and going well. No charcoal is evident. Very happy.

Sue B.
Simple to do business with!

I found White Possum on the internet and ordered a gift a friend. Website is great, product quality was great and delivery was Great!