Coffee Liqueur Candle


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100% soy wax candle infused with the scent of freshly shaken coffee liqueur and hand-poured into glass cut from old spirit bottles.


- 300 to 500g depending on the bottle we've cut to pour into
- Best enjoyed while sipping an espresso martini
- Cut, poured and scented in our distillery in Melbourne


100% soy wax candle | 300-500g (approx)

Part of our line of booze-scented candles, this Coffee Liqueur Candle is made from 100% soy wax and hand-poured into glass cut from old spirit bottles.

We've infused soy wax with scents of freshly shaken coffee liqueur and roast coffee beans. Best enjoyed while sipping an espresso martini and a bar of quality chocolate on the side.

The old spirit bottles we've cut open are ones we collect from bars and restaurants. For ages we were hoarding them with no particular use in mind for them, other than the fact we didn't want them to be chucked in recycling during a time when most of our recycling is being tipped in the trash by the council!

To cut them, we use a heat stress method in combination with a lapidary diamond saw. The sharp end is then rather laboriously sanded back using a bench wet sander and portable detail sander. It's all quite different from what we usually do that's for sure!

Since we've salvaged a wide variety of different bottles, each candle will contain a different amount of wax depending on the size of the original bottle but will generally be between 300g to 500g. We dispatch candles randomly.

⚠ Important ⚠

Due to the nature of manual glass cutting process, there will inevitably be some small indentations, rough patches and small chips which may be visible in the finished product. Please don't expect a perfectly polished glass and please do keep this in mind if giving one of our candles as a gift. Some edges may also remain a little sharp, so these candles should not be used as drinking vessels after they're empty.

Each candle comes with a paper top which protects the wax and keeps the aroma fresh for when you receive it. Please ensure this paper top is removed prior to first lighting the candle.

Never leave a burning candle unattended. Trim wick prior to burning for best results.

Due to how long it takes us to make every candle, our stocks are naturally always limited. 

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Based on 2 reviews
Christine B.
I was told it smelt wonderful it was a gift

I found your website iam in the uk it went to my brother in Townsville

Smells lovely

Arrived very quickly. Clever use of old bottles.