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Advent Calendars

Unfortunately all our 2019 Gin and Whisky Advent Calendars have sold out! Some of our resellers may have some stock left. Click on the Advent Calendar you're interested in and scroll down to find the list of resellers stocking that product.

For those who aren't familiar with our Advent Calendars, every year we put together boozy Advent Calendars chock-full of Australian spirits. Yup, rather than ripping open a slot every December summer's day to reveal a nativity scene, a total of 25 little bottles of premium gin or whisky will fall out instead. Each Calendar also comes with a tasting booklet with 25 'scratchie slots' which will reveal some interesting facts about each spirit. Our Advent Calendars are always shipped in plain brown boxes with no order details, so if you're thinking of giving a gift, the surprise won't be ruined.

Advent Calendars
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