Spirit Subscriptions

A regular tipsy surprise in the mail.
Every month, two months or three months.
Just a bottle of good booze. No unnecessary extras.

We are currently closed to new subscribers.

Inside the Box

Inside every delivery, you'll find a bottle of spirits, selected by our in-house spirits sommelier, as well as a tasting card for some light, informative reading.

The exact contents of each delivery aren't communicated in advance, but we hope to delight you every single time you open that box.

Our Partner Distilleries

We've partnered with enough Australian distilleries to knock out a small town.

Over the 9+ years that we've been running our subscription program, we've been continually refining our selection of spirits.

We've now got a pool of several hundred high quality drinks waiting for a new home.

Subscription Plans

When configuring your subscription, you'll be able to choose from three different plans:

Random Scamperer ($59 + shipping)
Our most talked-about subscription where you have no idea what's coming. It could be a whisky, gin, liqueur, aperitif, rum or more.

Gin Guzzler ($69 + shipping)
Nothing but gin. A juniper filled adventure featuring gins of all styles made in every corner of Australia. Get your ice, tonic and limes ready.

Pickled Possum ($129 + shipping)
A 'double trouble' pack with both of the above in one box. For those who don't like missing out.

Delivery Intervals

Each of our plans runs for 12 deliveries by default (you can cancel early or extend beyond if you wish). During this period, your spirits will be shipped either:

Once per month. Happily pour drinks regularly through the month, knowing your next delivery is just around the corner.

Once every two months. Explore our selection at a more relaxed pace with plenty of time to experiment with cocktails.

Once every three months. Enjoy the occasional tipple and proudly support Australian distilleries in the process.

Ready to join over 1000 members?

We are currently closed to new subscribers.

For more detail on how our subscriptions work, such as understanding our gifting options, nominating specific spirits you'd like to avoid, and configuring non-standard delivery intervals, read our Subscriptions FAQ.

Thank you for all the amazing drinks over this time, it has been great.
Michelle W - Quarterly Pickled Possum subscriber for 2.5 years
I do appreciate how you feature some of the smaller distilleries. I switched from a couple of my usual brands... so you have good taste.
Ian C - Monthly Random Scamperer subscriber then Gin Guzzler subscriber for 2 years
Birthday present for my mother... very last minute and this has been a lifesaver.
Lachie M - Bi-monthly Gin Guzzler subscriber for 8 months