Naked Hazelnut


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24% ABV / 500mL

Naked Hazelnut is a rich and decadent liqueur featuring intense nutty flavours with subtle chocolate undertones.

Made right here in our distillery, this is a 'revamped' take on the classic Italian recipe. Like with all our liqueurs, we wanted to inject plenty of 'oomph'. Think of that famous Italian hazelnut liqueur and double the depth, nuttiness and length and remove that artificial nutty taste - that's what we set out to achieve with this latest addition to our liqueur line-up.

To make it, we roast and crush 100% Australian hazelnuts (grown on a farm in Victoria in fact). To this nutty paste, we also mix in a smattering of organic cacao nibs to lend a little ‘chocolatey’ edge. We then infuse everything patiently in spirit to slowly extract all the flavourful oils. Finally, we add an infusion of aromatic roots to add a touch more earthiness to the flavour profile. 

We use real ingredients throughout and deliberately avoid filtering the liqueur to ensure no flavour is filtered out, so you may notice some sediment and oils that may drift out of the liqueur over time. Simply give your bottle a quick shake and all will be normal again!

Contains precisely 0.0% artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Vegan friendly (we don't use any animal products nor processes throughout). Gluten free.


GOLD - 2020 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards

Tasting notes

On the nose you'll pick up a big whiff of fresh roast hazelnuts intermingling with earthy notes and aromas of bitter chocolate. Traces of Christmas pudding. There's a slight woodiness too, so close your eyes and imagine being in the middle of a hazelnut plantation.

On the palate you'll be greeted with some sweetness upfront, which kicks the palate into gear just before a wave of nutty goodness and more woodiness arrives. It's thick, decadent and syrup-like and has the strength to stand out in a cocktail.

On the finish, you'll experience a sweet ending that lingers for a while, but not too long. A bit more woodiness comes through onto the palate amidst the collapsing wave of nuttiness, leaving a subtle spicy flavour to hang around for a moment longer.

Serving suggestions

Check out our Cocktail Recipes page for some delicious ideas on how to use Naked Hazelnut in your mixology.

Recycled bottles

All of our liqueurs, including Naked Hazelnut, are bottled in recycled glass spirit bottles where possible. Between our lovely network of bars who help collect empty spirit bottles for us and the empty bottles that get spat out of our own tasting flight production line, we've managed to build up a locally sustainable supply of bottles. These bottles are given a "rough massage" to strip the labels off, then a hardcore hot rinse and a final polish up before being revived with a new liqueur filled life.

Wholesale & trade enquiries

If you're interested in wholesale pricing for on-premise and off-premise, please contact Mind Spirits & Co. For partnership and export enquiries, please contact us directly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Lily R.M.
Delightful, delicious, dreamy!

I purchased Naked Hazlenut, Naked Amaretto and a few other bits and pieces. I was extremely happy with the shipping and packaging. Everything arrived safely and presented very nicely. The products themselves are delicious and a great addition to my favourite type of cocktails: sweet cocktails. The packaging is great and I love that each bottle is unique because White Possum recycles old bottles. Each bottle is truly one of a kind and it makes the drinking experience feel especially personal. If you are after something that is especially delicious, you're in the right place. I would highly recommend this product! It is so tasty and the customer service is excellent.

Gillian B.
Delicious time and time again!

Discovered through tasting at Quay restaurant, but have since bought my own bottles and I’m hooked!

Harry M.
pure gold

Received the product within a couple of days of ordering it. So smooth ; Goes well with any dessert or just by itself.