'Random Gin' Pack 4pc


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Perfect for those who love surprises, this pack contains four Aussie gins selected at random.

- Contains 4 x 30ml bottles of Australian gin
- Selected at random from our ever-changing bank of project leftovers, excess fills and once-off bottlings
- Guaranteed no repeats within the same pack


Four Australian gins. 4 x 30ml tasters. Chosen at random.

Why a 'random' tasting set, you ask? Well, every year we get involved in making a range of custom tasting sets for private functions and events. We can't always predict how much to order from our partner distilleries, so we're often left with excess stock. Over the past 12 months we've collected over dozens of different gins this way, and those are the ones that have been bottled into these 'random' sets.

For a little added randomness, even the colour of the box that these were packed in were chosen based on whatever our printers had in stock at the time. Some might be white, some might be kraft brown.

What's included?

What's inside each set becomes a mystery once the box is sealed. That means we have no clue what's lurking within any given set. But we do know three things:

  • Each set contains 4 of our flagship matte-black bottles
  • Each bottle contains 30ml of Australian gin
  • Some discontinued and limited edition gins were bottled

    Other info

    Although the spirits in each set are chosen at random, we've been careful not to include duplicates within the same set. However, if you were to buy two or more of these sets, there might be a good chance of duplication. It's also unlikely (but not impossible) that they'll include the same spirits as those in our Gin Tasting Flight.

    As Bob Dylan once said... "Chaos is a friend of mine". Enjoy!

      Giving a gift?

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      Super cute

      Delivery service and presentation excellent :) however as it was a gift I can’t comment on the tasting

      Kelly A.

      White Possum - Random Gin Set 4pc

      Adrian P.

      All good thanks