Bracingly bitter citrus amaro designed for the perfect Negroni, Spritz or on-ice drink with a slice of orange.


- Newest release in our range of boutique liqueurs
- Made using various varieties of citrus, lemon myrtle and bitter roots
- Made in Melbourne


26% ABV / 500mL

White Possum Scarletta is a bitter citrus amaro modelled on the classic Italian-made Campari. Made using homegrown and foraged lemon myrtle, as well as a blend of various citrus peels and bitter roots, Scarletta is seriously aromatic and bracingly bitter. It's designed specifically for constructing a Negronis or Spritz, whilst also suitable for the bold drinker who prefers their bitterness served on nothing but ice and a lemon twist.

To make this clean yet complex amaro, we peel several varieties of locally grown oranges and lemons. The peels are infused and distilled alongside leaves picked from our very own lemon myrtle tree which we planted soon after starting the distillery in 2014. To these citrus botanicals we add a smorgasbord of infused and distilled bitter herbs and spices, most notably gentian root, which form the bitter backbone of the drink. The whole process takes a couple of months before a balanced flavour profile appears, at which point we siphon the liqueur from the top of the vat. A few drops of red food dye are used to turn the liquid from orange to red before bottling.

We deliberately avoid filtering the liqueur to ensure no flavour is filtered out, so you may notice some sediment and oils that may drift out of the liqueur over time. Simply give your bottle a quick shake and all will be normal again!

Contains precisely 0.0% artificial flavours and preservatives. Vegan friendly (we don't use any animal products nor processes throughout). Gluten free. Note there is a small amount of red food dye present (approximately five drops per bottle).

Tasting notes

On the nose you'll find oranges and aromatic alpine herbs intertwined. A powerful and alluring beginning.

On the palate you'll be greeted with some initial sweetness followed by citrus, woody and dry herbal notes before transitioning into crisp aromatic bitterness.

On the finish there's a pleasant and long bitterness that laps at the back of the mouth like slowly collapsing waves.

Serving suggestions

Check out our Cocktail Recipes page for some delicious ideas on how to use Scarletta in your mixology.

Bottle refill and upcycling program

We take back empty bottles from our core liqueur range for refilling. These are usually collected from bars and restaurants. We're happy to take them back from retail customers too. If you've got several empty bottles and are able to drop them off at our distillery in Altona North 3025, then please get in touch. In return, we'll send you a discount code for a future purchase.

Our limited edition liqueurs are bottled in assorted old spirit bottles where possible. Between our lovely network of bars who help collect empty spirit bottles for us and the empty bottles that get spat out of our own tasting flight production line, we've managed to build up a locally sustainable supply of bottles. These bottles are given a "rough massage" to strip the labels off, then a hardcore hot rinse and a final polish up before being revived with a new liqueur filled life.

Giving a gift?

Why not add on a Possum Greeting Card?

Wholesale & trade enquiries

If you're interested in wholesale pricing for on-premise and off-premise, please contact Mind Spirits & Co. For partnership and export enquiries, please contact us directly.

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