Welcome On-board!

Welcome to our spirits subscriptions. You've just joined our fun (and exclusive) group of craft spirits connoisseurs.

Here are a few useful pointers about what to expect next (we've also just sent you an introductory email with these details as well):

Our monthly schedule

Here are the key dates to remember for each delivery month:

First day of the month: Cut-off date for all new subscribers for that month's delivery. You won't have to worry about this... but your friends will, so let them know early!

First week of the month: We'll start processing your order. If we have trouble charging your card, we'll send you an email with helpful tips!

Middle of the month: We'll send your box to you. You'll be sent an email with a tracking number so you can follow your craft spirits as they zip towards you.

Remember, you can update your details or subscription at any time by logging in to the Subscription Portal.

Yippee! Now sit back and relax. Your craft spirits journey begins here.

Team White Possum