Liqueur Sample Pack 5pc


Sample pack featuring five of our award winning 'Naked' liqueurs

- Contains 5 x 30mL bottles of liqueur
- Great way to preview the range
- Sleek and sustainable packaging for moments when presentation matters


20-26% ABV / 5x30mL

The best way to preview (almost) all of our liqueurs, this sample pack features five 30ml matte-black glass sampler bottles filled with our flavourful award winning range that have been made, bottled and packed in Melbourne. A sleek and eco-friendly themed slide-out box holds the liqueurs together. On the back of the box, you'll find some light reading - a brief profile of each liqueur and why we think each is special.

Perfect for keen mixologists and liqueur lovers with a sense of adventure.

Included liqueurs

Like the traditional Italian Amaretto, but with an Australian twist. We smash apart Australian grown bitter almonds, a by-product of the apricot industry, then cook and infuse them in spirit. This is where we get that big bold marzipan flavour that we love so much. We also add in a pinch of wild Strawberry Gum leaves, harvested from outback NSW, which adds an extra floral boost.

Bittersweet wine based liqueur made by fortifying small batch Sauvignon Blanc from Mount Macedon. As soon as the wine is delivered, we fortify it with a combination of sugar cane spirit and distilled wine. The fortified wine is then infused with fresh local orange peels, cinnamon myrtle, strawberry gum and a handful of earthy herbs. The oranges aren't wasted - we give them away to a local cafe manager who presses them into fresh orange juice.
Unashamedly sweet coffee liqueur designed to make a luxuriously thick and flavourful espresso martini. Our friends Small Batch Roasting Co in North Melbourne supply us with freshly roasted beans and collect spent coffee grounds from their cafe. We macerate the fresh and spent beans then add several generous handfuls of wattleseed to impart a nutty and cacao-like flavour.
'Dark Cacao'
Bittersweet concoction of cacao, earthy roots and lilly pillies, designed to be sipped neat as a digestif. We source and macerate cacao that’s been fermented to bring out all that ‘chocolatey’ goodness. To this we add several infusions of bitter roots for a lingering bitterness and a handful of native lilly pillies to lend a floral note. A lick of dark sugar binds it all with a velvety texture.

Intense nutty liqueur with subtle chocolate undertones. We roast and crush 100% Australian hazelnuts grown on a farm in Victoria. To this nutty paste, we mix in a smattering of organic cacao nibs to lend a little ‘chocolatey’ edge. We then infuse everything patiently in spirit to slowly extract all the flavourful oils. Finally, we add an infusion of aromatic roots to add a touch more earthiness to the flavour profile.
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