'Naked' Liqueurs

We're not just a retailer of craft spirits - we make them too. At our distillery in Melbourne, we're constantly experimenting with big bold flavours. Most importantly, we're looking to challenge the status quo.

For instance, Naked Amaretto is made with a big pinch of strawberry gum and was the first amaretto to be made commercially in Australia. Naked Coffee is made using spent coffee grounds salvaged from an inner-city Melbourne cafe. Naked Maraschino features native quandongs and was the first maraschino to be made commercially in Australia. We could go on, but we've decided to leave the best bits for you to discover.

All our liqueurs are vegan friendly. They're made without with any animal products or processes. Especially not possums.

Sustainability is a big deal for us. As much as possible, our liqueurs are bottled in recycled spirit bottles which we de-label, wash and polish to give them a new lease on life. The process takes ages, but we think it's worth it. Hopefully you agree.

Oak Aged Amaretto

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Naked Amaretto

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Naked Kina

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Naked Coffee

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Naked Hazelnut

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Naked Dark Cacao

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Naked Maraschino

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Naked Maraschino Cherries

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