Hurdle Creek Still - Gin & Liqueur Tasting Set


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A unique tasting set featuring spirits distilled a boutique family owned distillery in rural Victoria.

- 6 x 50ml bottles of gin and liqueur
- Wide range of flavours on show including some very limited edition spirits
- Made in Victoria


20-58% ABV / 6x50mL

Hurdle Creek Still is a family owned small batch distillery situated in the King Valley gourmet food region of Victoria. The distillery produces their own base spirit from barley and oats, rather than bulk purchasing spirit bought from elsewhere as is the case for most other gin distilleries. That's more work, but co-owner Simon, an ex-brewer, is no stranger to the task. 

We're stoked to offer a unique tasting set that showcases the breadth of Hurdle Creek Still's range, featuring a couple of seasonal limited edition products amongst this set of six. Each bottle is 50ml. The set includes the following spirits:

Yardarm Gin: The distillery's core gin. Utilising as many botanicals grown on-site as possible, this new world gin is made using juniper, coriander, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, pink peppercorns, lemon myrtle and hop flowers

Cherry Gin: This is a highly limited seasonal gin made by freezing locally grown cherries then macerating them in a specially made gin with a heavy cassia and lemon myrtle influence. Post maceration, the cherries are removed and more gin is added as fortification to balance out the dilutive effect of the cherries.

Powder Monkey Navy Strength Gin: A big dry navy strength gin made from a triple distillation of grains (featuring Triticale - a wheat/rye hybrid). It features botanicals including (lots of) juniper, eucalyptus leaves picked from just outside the distillery, pink peppercorns, cinnamon myrtle, lemon myrtle and aniseed myrtle.

Grain Jenever: Before gin, there was a Dutch spirit known as Jenever. This version follows in traditional footsteps, taking malt-wine, ageing it, then fortifying it with grain spirit. It's then infused with juniper and a selection of local and native botanicals including pink peppercorns, ribbon gum leaves, lemon myrtle, cinnamon myrtle, aniseed myrtle and eucalyptus honey.

Aronia Gin: Consider this a variation on a sloe gin. Aronia Gin is made with locally grown Aronia berries (also known as Appleberries or Black Chokeberries) that are steeped in Yardarm Gin with a little sugar added. The result is a unique seasonal liqueur with a rich red colour and flavour.

Dark Cacao Liqueur: A luxurious dark chocolate liqueur made by steeping organic cacao nibs in the distillery's triple distilled base spirit. Vanilla and a little sugar are then added to round out the liqueur.

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Carmelo B.
Excellent products and service

Very good

Shelly B.
Fantastic Aussie Products

Love the variety of high quality gin and whiskeys taster packs all made in our great country. Great way to find out where the distilleries are in Australia and looking forward to visiting my favs when we can roam freely again but in the meantime can order online to supporting Aussie businesses.