Imbue Distillery - Gin Tasting Set 4pc


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Sleek quadruple tasting pack featuring gins and gin liqueurs made by a small family run operation in Melbourne.

- 4 x 100ml bottles of gin and gin liqueur
- Hard to find tasting set that's usually only available from market stalls
- Made in Melbourne


22-40% ABV / 4x100mL

Founded by two hospitality veterans with over 30 years combined experience, Imbue Distillery is a Melbourne based operation unafraid to experiment with new flavours and flavour combinations.

This solid tasting set features four 100ml mini-bottles of Imbue Distillery's core gin expressions (Suburban and The Journey) as well as two of their flavourful gin liqueurs (The Elixir and All Seasons). Typically only available direct from their market stalls, we're stoked to be one of the very few stockists of this tasting set.

Suburban Gin is their inaugural gin made from a smooth wheat-based spirit starring locally abundant, foraged botanicals from Melbourne’s fringe suburbs, including dandelion, prickly pear, blackberry and fennel. Meanwhile, Journey Gin offers a different botanical mix, featuring apples and muntries, an Australian native flowering shrub with colourful berries.

As for the two liqueurs, suffice to say that The Elixir tastes like a great antidote for a cold and runny nose (not that we're here to dispense medical advice), while All Seasons is a barrel aged delight that's particularly smooth for its relatively harder strength of 35%.

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Mal W.
Quick response, nice packaging, interesting flavours.

Overall very happy, especially with the standard gins. Not such a fan of the liqeur gins, especially the Elixir which had a strong honey taste, but then I guess that is what a tasting pack is all about. Certainly a good gift idea.