Green Apple Gin


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Tangy green apples meet crispy dry gin in this limited edition collaboration with That Spirited Lot Distillers.

- Made with fresh apples, dried apples, stewed apples, apple juice and apple skins
- Perfect in an Apple-tini or simply with a fine tonic
- Distilled in Melbourne


43% ABV / 500mL

We’ve always loved apples, especially the mouthwateringly sour Granny Smith variety. We love chomping on them the way they are. Sure, they're great in cakes, but that ‘tang’ in a raw green apple is unmistakable and a little magical.

Why Green Apple Gin?

When apples meet alcohol, the result is often an apple pie liqueur or dessert themed spirit. Whilst these are often delicious, we didn’t feel a sweet liqueur was the best way to showcase that green apple ‘tang’. We wanted to keep it clean, crisp and complementary, so we figured a gin would be the best way to celebrate the humble green apple. 

Let’s make something clear though. We consider ourselves liqueur makers - it’s what we know best (and something we think we’re not too bad at). Making gin, however, is a totally different proposition. We haven't done the hundreds of trials needed to work out botanical ratios and deal with stuff like juniper seasonality.

The Collab.

To make Green Apple Gin, we decided to partner with That Spirited Lot Distillers, a specialist gin distillery on the other side of Melbourne that shares our sustainability ethos. Their operation is run entirely on solar power and the spent botanicals are crushed and turned into tonic syrups for resale. They also happen to make wickedly good gin.

How It's Made.

Green Apple Gin is made in a copper pot still using a grape spirit base. To the still we've added the usual gin botanicals then packed the boiler and the basket with fresh green apples, stewed apples, dried apples, apple juice and apple skins. That’s apples five ways. Why? Well the damn things are full of water and the flavours are actually pretty tough to extract. This five-time extraction is the only way we’ve been able to appease our apple loving palates. We also tossed in some complimentary spices and some dried dates.

No added sugar. Don't be expecting an apple dessert. This is a regular strength gin with all the characteristics of a dry gin but with an additional apple-y tang!

Contains precisely 0.0% artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Vegan friendly (we don't use any animal products nor processes throughout). Gluten free.

Tasting Notes & Serving Suggestions.

Tasting neat, you'll pick up apple on the nose, palate and particularly in the finish. In fact, crisp apple notes will continue to linger for a while. Throughout, this drop remains unmistakably a gin and never strays too far from a typical dry gin profile. Expect overtones of creamy vanilla, spicy cinnamon and zingy lemon to round it out and provide a bit of balance.

Keep it simple and serve Green Apple Gin over ice, topped up with soda or a dry tonic, garnished with a slice of fresh green apple. It also naturally works well in any apple flavoured cocktail, such as the Apple Gin Fizz or Green Apple Gimlet.

'The Core' Label.

At risk of making the labelling process fiendishly difficult, we designed a label featuring a cut-out green apple core. It's called 'The Core' and secretly we think it should be hung up in a fancy gallery such as the NGV. We can only hope you'll appreciate the many expletives muttered whilst trying to apply them neatly by hand.

Giving a gift?

As a neat and somewhat quirky addition, why not include a custom gift note on a Possum Greeting Card for an extra $5?

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sophie B.
Taste as amazing as it looks

Great experience, good service. Love the product and the bootles looks great

Tastes and smells like apples

This actually smells and tastes like real apple - not at all like the weird apple flavour from cocktail syrups. I used it (instead of vodka) with fresh apple juice, lime juice, and sweet/sour syrup to make an appletini. It was bloody amazing.

Eliza T.
Delicious and fresh

Super refreshing and delicious gin. A new favourite