Triffid Tonic Co - Tonic Syrup Sample Pack 4pc


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Sample pack comprising four of The Triffid Tonic Co's artisanal tonic syrups.

- 4 x 200ml bottles of tonic syrups
- Just add soda to make your own craft tonic water. Gin optional but recommended.
- Made in Melbourne


Gift Set | 4x200mL

Like many craft producers that have started up in the last few years, The Triffid Tonic Co was born out of COVID lockdowns. One of the co-founders, Greg, is an old-school pharmacist, well practised at compounding and concocting medicines from scratch, and well versed in the art of making potions, lotions and medicines. Applying this knowledge to the world of tonic water, Greg has assembled a small range of small batch tonic syrups designed to be added to soda water. Unlike many commercial tonic water brands, you'll find these creations to be refreshingly dry with big doses of flavour.

Featured in this 4pc tasting set are one of each of Triffid Tonic Co's core expressions. Each bottle is 200ml in volume and contains roughly eight standard servings.

Turn this syrup into a drink:
To make tonic water: add one part tonic syrup to 5-6 parts soda water (or to taste).
To make a classic G&T: combine one part tonic syrup, one part gin or vodka, with 4-5 parts soda water (or to taste).

Bitter Orange
A traditional colonial style tonic that was thought to be not only anti-malarial and drunk medicinally, but also delicious. Bitter Orange is full of fresh citrus flavours, a bit like a liquid marmalade on steroids. Enjoy this tonic with soda water. The alcohol is optional as it stands on its own as a sophisticated sipping drink.

Chamomile & Earl Grey
Tastes of honey, but there’s no honey in it – it’s just the magic that comes in the process. Great as an end of the night G&T, or in cocktails. Try it in a Long Island Iced Tea, where you get a floral depth as well as the sweetness, or whisky cocktails where the honey flavour pairs wonderfully with the whiskey. Also makes an elegant hot toddy.

Hibiscus & Fresh Ginger
Blackberry jam flavours with a hint of a ginger bite at the end. This is the driest tonic in the line up and best suited to those with a more savoury palate. The richness of the colour makes it perfect for cocktails and for serving on its own to non-drinkers. The boldness of the flavours feature beautifully in a Singapore Sling, and for those wanting a punchy grown up sipping cocktail, a Pisco Sour.

Tasmanian Pepperberry & Lemon Myrtle
The pepperberry gives this tonic an earthiness while the lemon myrtle reminds you of eucalypt and a refreshing bushland after the rains aura. Put just a dash in a glass of prosecco and it’s Christmas in a glass. The purple of the pepperberry gives a stunning rose hue to this most popular tonic in the Triffid Tonic Co's lineup.

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