2x Random Spirit Samples

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Perfect for those who love surprises, these two bottles contains 30ml each of an Aussie spirit selected at random.

- Contains 2 x 30ml bottles of Australian spirit
- Selected at random from our ever-changing bank of project leftovers, excess fills and once-off bottlings


2 x 30ml bottles of random Australian spirits

Every year we get involved in making a range of custom tasting sets for private functions and events. We can't always predict how much to order from our partner distilleries, so we're often left with excess stock. Over the past 12 months we've collected dozens of different whiskies, gins, rums, vodkas and other goodies. Like any good old fashioned lucky dip, you could end up with anything from absinthe to whisky.

Note: Whilst we'll draw these blind from our bank of random spirits, we'll double check to ensure you don't get any duplicates!

    Giving a gift?

    As a neat and somewhat quirky addition, why not include a custom gift note on a Possum Greeting Card for an extra $5?

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Nomes W.
    Great selection!

    Very impressed by the quality of what I received and the shipping was incredibly fast as well.

    Best lucky dip ever!

    Love this idea so much, the excitement of a lucky dip and the possibility of finding a new favourite!