Flight of the Juniper Possum - Australian Gin Tasting Set


Gin Tasting Set: Fourth Edition
29-57% ABV / 12x30mL

Our Australian gin tasting set is the first of its kind. With the recent explosion in Australian gins, we wanted to devise a fun (and educational) way of tasting through a few of them. First released in 2016, this is now the fourth edition of this gin tasting set. Presented in 30ml samplers, all that's left to do is to bring tonic, ice and enough glasses to share around. Perfect for a night-in, camping trip or a spontaneous mid-week celebration.

The fourth edition of this set features gins from NSW, VIC, TAS, SA and WA. Each is the result of tireless experimentation by a local distiller, and we're proud to present each one of them in this tasting flight. Some of them have won major international awards, whilst others are new (and still relatively undiscovered) gems.

All 12 gins are hand-packed neatly into a sleek matte presentation box, featuring graphics styled by acclaimed textile designer William Morris over 100 years ago.

Suitable as a gift or to kick off your own tasting session, the set also comes with a tasting booklet with detailed information about each gin, a profile of each distillery and interesting facts about gin in Australia.

Featuring these gins:

  • 'Southern Strength Gin' by Never Never Distilling
  • 'Forty Spotted Gin' by Lark Distillery
  • 'Nonesuch Dry Gin' by Nonesuch Distillery
  • 'Mystery Gin' by Hunter Distillery
  • 'Blood Orange Gin' by 36 Short
  • 'Giniversity Barrel Aged' by Margaret River Distillery
  • 'Original Gin Elixir' by Fossey's Distillery
  • 'Fig Gin' by Pot & Still
  • 'Gin for Tonic' by Brocken Spectre Distillery
  • 'Red Hen Gin' by Small Batch Distilling
  • 'The Buccaneer' by Kilderkin Distillery
  • 'Lobo Djinn' by Lobo Cider

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