The Emu Glass


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Versatile spirits tasting glass suitable for tasting neat, on ice or for mixed drinks.

- Tough and resistant to breakage
- Stylish design with plenty of 'swirling' space
- Dishwasher safe


The Emu Glass

This is our in-house tasting glass. As you can imagine, we do a lot of tasting here at White Possum. As part of our 'job description', we taste a range of liquids from non-alcoholic spritzes through to navy strength gins and cask strength whiskies.

Enter 'The Emu', a versatile glass we designed for a range of liquids. Its gently inward sloping profile funnels plenty of aromas from lighter drinks such as beer and cocktails, whilst still providing enough of an opening to let the alcohol from high proof spirits dissipate naturally.

The glass has a total volume of 460ml, enough to hold a generous volume of beer, wine and cocktails. The Emu's bulging belly makes it easy to swirl the contents for maximum pleasure of the nose.

Dishwasher safe. Packed free of plastic in a sturdy and playful kraft brown cardboard box. We recommend washing before use as there may be a little dust inside.

The Name

We named this glass 'The Emu' after its resemblance to emus and emu eggs. After all, with such a strikingly curvaceous profile, there's no other critter we could proudly have called upon for a bit of design inspiration.


Giving a gift?

As a neat and somewhat quirky addition, why not include a custom gift note on a Possum Greeting Card for an extra $5?

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The naked cacao drink is fantastic, some other improvements would be good

The naked cacao drink is fantastic. I bought your item through your website. I found the same item for like 15% cheaper through a store (I think it was Dan Murphies or Liquorland?).

I kindof felt cheated by this.

Thanks for the review Sam! Sorry to hear our products were available elsewhere for less. To be honest we don't even know how they make any money doing it, but unfortunately we can't control what our retailers sell them for :(